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The skirt for any occasion “FLUTED SKIRT”

万能なシルエット “FLUTED SKIRT”


FLUTED is a word used to describe the texture of architectural and industrial products and means “vertical groove”. CFCL’s FLUTED SKIRT creates a unique texture by using two types of ribs. The first rib is a general four stitches ribbing (4x4 rib), and the other is two stitches drop-needle stitching (knit two different structures of knitting together). It brings an impressive silhouette by boldly switching between different ribs. 

We weaved the two lightweight recycled polyester fibers into slightly thicker structures, not overly highlight the body shape lines even with a fitted silhouette. The unique shape created by the outstanding flexibility and moderate tension makes it eye-catching on all kinds of occasions. The waist is made of a comfortable elastic waistband. Moreover, it is washable in a washing machine and not easy to create wrinkles.  That is why we call it “the skirt for any occasion”.