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Bold and Functional Cardigan


FLUTED is a term used to describe the modeling and shaping of architecture and industrial products.  CFCL’S “FLUTED JACKET”, is a cardigan that creates a unique texture by using two types of rib fabric. One fabric is a commonly used material called 4th rubber knitting (4x4r ribs). The other fabric is a rib knit made from two needles being pulled out. The impressive silhouette is created by switching between different ribs. 

It is great for layering over lighter undergarments during the Spring. It is a statement piece that is easy to coordinate with any wardrobe. It is wrinkle resistant and is machine washable. It can easily be carried in your handbag

There are many theories as to how the first cardigan was developed. The name cardigan is derived from Cardigan VII who was a British army general. In 1853, The Crimean War was fought in an extremely cold area. In order to make it easier to treat in the event of an injury, the sweater was layered on top of military uniforms and buttoned at the front. The cardigan is defined as a "convenient item" and has a history that dates back more than 150 years.