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Architectural knitwear “FACADE TOP”



CFCL has been thinking about extending the inherent image of knitting, choosing keywords such as “deconstruction”, “architecture”, and “solid”, which are far from the impression of knitting softness as the inspiration of the VOL.2 collection.

FACADE, the word means the front of a building. From the inspiration of the steel frame of modern architecture to the lined-up windows of the skyscrapers, you can feel the dramatic tension of the design and textures.

FACADE TOP uses the image of lined-up windows as inspiration, knitting with different layers and colors to create bag-liked texture, with the post-processing to build the architectural construction. The pillar-liked rib and surface, which looks like a roof beam, gives a three-dimensional silhouette. Made from 100% recycled polyester, it is lightweight, less likely to wrinkle, and machine washable.