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Wool sweater with exquisite details



Here comes the season that makes you want to put on some warm clothes. Starting from VOL.2, CFCL represented you with the first sweaters. Although the design is simple at first glance, we may find out the details we insist on designing.

First of all, the knitted structure. Although most sweaters are made of plain weave, Wool Milan Top uses a weaving method called Milan rib structure. By alternately knitting ribs (a knitting method with alternating surface and inside) and Tacking plain stitch (a knitting method with a two-layer from the surface and inside) one part at a time to create moderate stretchiness.

The second is the tailoring of cuffs. It is a gradually narrowed pattern from the elbow to the cuffs, and the design of the rib structure detail is placed on the arm. Although it is a loose silhouette, it makes your arm lines look sharp and comfortable to move. You can fold the long sleeves backwards according to your preference or let the flow make it look three-dimensional shape. We suggest an oversized silhouette for female customers, and you can also choose a bigger size for both males and females.

*Dry cleaning recommended.