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Japanese Paper Bay Window with Colorful Recycled Polyester


In architecture, which is a vessel that accommodates people's lives, the existence that connects the inside and the outside is the window. The word window is derived from "wind eyes". If we compare a building to the human body, people would consider that windows are the apparatus for perceiving the outside world.

This season, CFCL focuses on the landscape seen from inside a building. We propose Knit-ware that captures the light, colors, and blowing wind, as well as portrays the feeling of the season. 

The complex knitting structure mimics the opening of a small window and is inspired by oriel, which means "bay window." The front side of the item is made of thick thread that is a mixture of paper and virgin polyester, and the back side is made of recycled polyester with a three-color border. The brilliantly colored V-neck pullovers and shorts add a sporty style to the knit texture, creating a very light series of items.