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Paper Coverall Jacket


We developed an original yarn made by wrapping paper around recycled polyester. Among the natural fibers, the dry-touch paper knit is the best material for a comfortable summer with good ventilation. On the other hand, the fiber itself has almost no elasticity, therefore the yarn is difficult to knit with a high-gauge, ideal to give off an urban impression.

For the core of the yarn, CFCL uses recycled polyester with excellent stretchability. We wrap the outside of the yarn with paper, for this is the surface that touches the skin. We also use a stable technique that allows for knitting high-gauge items. The jacket is light, less likely to wrinkle, and has significantly increased strength, so you can care for the item using your home washing machine.

This style has a basic coverall silhouette, which is a design that can be styled with various items. By tailoring a special paper material into city wear, we propose a jacket that can easily be worn throughout the season.