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CFCL Achieves B Corp Certification. The First in Japanese Apparel.

CFCLが日本のアパレルで初めてB Corp認証を取得

As the first Japanese apparel brand, CFCL has been certified by B Corp (Benefit Corporation), on July 28th, 2022. 

B Corp is an international certification by the American non-profit organization B Lab. This certification is given to companies that practice extremely high standards in the world with transparency and responsibility, in line with the 17 goals common to the world as represented by the SDGs. A certified company is called B Corp, and refers to a company that can generate benefits while consistently balancing the significance, purpose, and profits of being a company. 

Regarded as a rigorous evaluation system worldwide, the content is classified into five areas, including “environment, workers, customers, and communities” that require problem solving and benefits, as well as "governance" of whether or not there is a management base that can improve and grow the aforementioned areas. 

This certification system, which started in the United States in 2006, has expanded rapidly in European countries and North America, where currently, 5,344 companies in 83 countries have obtained certification as of July 28th. More than 120,000 companies worldwide across various industries, use this evaluation system as a business index regardless of whether attaining the certification is successful or not. 

CFCL started working on obtaining certification immediately after our founding in 2020, and submitted a formal application in May 2021. We answered a total of nearly 300 questions, and after a period of more than one year of examination and evaluation, we exceeded the “minimum 80 points (out of a 200 point scale)” that is the condition for obtaining certification, and we ultimately reached a total of "128 points.”

Allow us to introduce the general composition of the 128 points.

Customers: 3.9 / 5 points 

Environment: 60.9 / 105 points 

Workers: 20.7 / 40 points 

Community: 32.1 / 70 points 

Governance: 10.3 / 20 points

As a general review, we received a high evaluation for the areas of “global environment and customers.” However, the evaluation results for “governance, employees, and community" remain challenges for us. Including the contents published in CFCL's report on CONSCIOUSNESS, we believe our selection and concentration of knit products, supply chain focusing on domestic production areas such as 3D computer developed knitwear, and consistent transparency were all highly evaluated. On the other hand, as a fairly recent start-up company, our scores did not increase in areas where our efforts are still insufficient. 

Nonetheless, nearly 300 questions are the concrete viewpoints that are conscious in every field of management. Therefore, the fact that such issues have been highlighted for us, as a result, is a valuable asset that will be indispensable for our future growth. 

Currently about 2 years since our establishment, with about 10 full time employees, CFCL is certainly still lacking funds and other resources. However, we are confident that we will be able to grow steadily in the future.

Many of the world's common problems, such as the climate crisis, inequality, and one-way economic models, are far beyond the level that can be solved by governments and NPOs alone, and the roles that companies play in these areas are becoming more and more important. From the very beginning, CFCL has been pursuing not only functionality but also solidarity and circulation with the global environment and local communities, the selection of optimal domestic materials, and transparency policy of the supply chain in the design and production of clothing; while challenging to obtain B Corp Certification. 

The reason why we chose to pursue B Corp is because it is a credible International certification that can prove we are not a greenwashing company. At a time when the purpose of CFCL’s business is being questioned again, we believe in the importance of recognizing the many issues from the time of our founding, and value for all employees to actively make efforts by trial and error in both the creation of items and development of the company at each relevant site. In our attempt to build credibility in the international community, we will continue to improve, update, and act on what we can do each day.

CFCL evaluation page on the B Corp website:

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