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58.12% is the usage rate of raw materials certified for environmental friendliness during mass production of the CFCL VOL.1 collection.

It is calculated by how much materials that meet international standards such as the Global Recycling Standard (GRS) are used from all products(*) including exclusive products.

CFCL actively tries to select raw materials that are certified to be environmentally friendly. CFCL manages to do so even with there being so little variations of materials in the world that are environmentally friendly. Due to the lack of variations, CFCL is resourceful in using recycled fiber for all of VOL.1. The ratio does vary depending on the garment.

CFCL's goal is to make one feel comfortable and happy while leading a modern life. While we personally want our clothes to be environmentally friendly as long as the wearer is happy we feel fulfilled.

Finding the balance can be tricky but by continuing to incorporate recycled materials no matter what ratio, we are encouraging textile manufacturers and our other partners to eventually make clothes that are 100% recycled fiber by 2030.

*This tally does not include accessories such as buttons, zippers, strings, and waist elastics.