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Since its establishment in 2020, the foundation of CFCL’s business has been to pursue the functionality of clothing, while trying to protect the environment by selecting the most suitable domestic materials and making the distribution channels transparent. Through making clothes, we continue to act on what we can do now. 

One year has passed since the release of our first collection VOL.1, in January 2021. This CONSCIOUSNESS VOL.3 REPORT includes updates on our progress since VOL.1 and VOL.2, as well as our plans for the future. We disclose such content to you in wider detail.

The following 4 points are the activities and results we carried out through VOL.3.

1. Regarding LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), we widened the range of target items. In addition to the POTTERY series, we expanded to 17 styles including POTTERY KIDS, FLUTED, and LATTICE series, which accounts for the calculation of 38% of all CFCL items. From the production process to the final disposal process, we verify the path of "How can we approach carbon neutrality?"

2. The usage rate of materials certified to be responsible for the global environment and basic human rights increased by 8.22%, and as a result became 66.34%, (in comparison to VOL.1).

3. Based on the SDGs Performance Guideline questionnaire conducted in VOL.2, we visited production factories in the Tohoku, Hokuriku, and Kanto regions, spoke about the issues related to SDGs, and started discussions on how to solve them. In this report, we also disclose examples of achievements at the factories that have been producing the POTTERY series from VOL.1.

4. We introduce products that upcycle the remaining yarn from our seasonal items.

For further details, please access our CONSCIOUSNESS VOL.3 REPORT page.