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Minimalist Tailored Jacket



This season, CFCL is offering minimalistic designs aimed for daily use or “contemporary life”.

There are various traditional design details that are followed when designing a garment, many of which are no longer needed in the modern day. For example, when designing a tailored jackets, two buttons are common, but often the second button is not used. Additionally, the flap of the pocket, so-called "manners" dictate that the flap of the pocket is to be put out when you are outside, but then should be put inside when you are indoors. Not many people pay attention to these design details today and do not consider them a necessity. The “MILAN RIB ENWRAP JACKET”, is a modern twist to the classic tailored jacket and includes only one button closure, pockets which are integrated with the seams on the sides, and of course the iconic lapel.

Since it is made of a knit it is unique and stands out. It can easily be worn to look casual or dressed up for a more formal occasion. Due to its comfortable knit material it can even be worn as elevated lounge wear.