Ex-sumo wrestler
What does “Clothing” mean to you?
As a sumo wrestler, it was normal to live wearing only a loincloth.
A loincloth was indispensable every day as something to put out an aura every day.
For 16 years of my life as a sumo wrestler, I wore a loincloth, and as a wrestler, I couldn’t wear western-style clothes.
For each tournament, craftsmen throughout Japan made kimono and obi for me.
Hakata obi are famous and I had them made for me.
Kimono took care of me.
Kimono express an aura for me.
They express my own self.
What does “Contemporary Life” mean to you?
During my time in sumo, I studied life. It was all perserverence and effort, and there was nothing fun about it.
Up until now I fought using my body to step onto the sumo ring. Going forward I want to think and develop strategies so I can live a better life, study what I am lacking, and continue to fight with myself. Heart, technique, and strength. And the balance among those.
What are the things you are thinking about lately?
Up until now I strove for what I could see. What I could see was all winning or losing.
The work, the matches―I want to tell others what I have done in my own way.
I wanted to wear western clothes.
When I started to wear western clothes, oddly enough I noticed anew just how comfortable kimono are.
In order to notice more of the good points of kimono, which embodied my aura, I am working at developing my physique (going on a diet) so I can wear western clothes.