Tsukiko Watari
Board member of Watarium Art Museum
What does “Clothing” mean to you?
They are important items for expressing my sense of security and individuality.
After I was born the first thing that enveloped my body was the okurumi (birth cloth) that my mother had prepared. I’m sure it was warm and assuring.
Since then, we have consistently been protected by clothing.
When I was young, I wore the clothes that my mother chose, but as I grew older, I developed my own preferences for materials, design, and color, and clothing became something that was important to express myself.
Every morning, I choose clothing based on how I feel, and each day begins with new encounters and things that pique my curiosity.
What does “Contemporary Life” mean to you?
Living healthily and with peace of mind without being misled by all kinds of information.
For me, contemporary life is to protect the important things which I feel are good with fidelity to my heart, and to accept naturally the things I have seen and felt.
What are the things you are thinking about lately?
The continuation of a sense of curiosity that finds enjoyment in all things.