Yumiko Suzuki
Stencil dyeing artist
What does “Clothing” mean to you?
It is like a magical language where you can connect to anyone in the world and talk to them.

It is like a partner who can take the ideal forms, thoughts, and aesthetic sense that you envision yourself, gives them shape, and expresses them for you.
What does “Contemporary Life” mean to you?
Apparently, the people of the Heian period assigned 48 colors (48 kuchiba colors) to the transitions of the changing autumn leaves and enjoyed them. I want to raise the resolution of my mind and patiently observe the ordinary like that, be aware of time to live while being moved in our convenient and hectic modern lifestyle, and increase it.

In addition, when I consider that the modern lifestyle that we live in now will live on as history, I want to live while considering how each one of my lifestyle choices will positively affect the future.
What are the things you are thinking about lately?
After giving birth, I often feel that my heart is connected to my child.
When I feel anxious, my child feels it and cries, and when I feel tender, she seems happy...
I am not used to raising a child, and am running about in confusion, but what I aim to become is a presence that is unwavering, as dignified as the great ocean, and to which one can always return for emotional support.
As a mother, I want to be that kind of person, and that is what I have come to aspire to be.