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CFCL Sustainable Management Development Report (VOL.2) ③

CFCL サステナビリティレポート(VOL.2)③

<SDGs Performance Guidelines Questionnaire>

As a responsible company, CFCL seeks solutions to various events that impose a burden on society and the global environment through products and business operations. Therefore, from the previous term, we first grasped “what we can do” and “what we cannot do”, created a list of “SDGs performance guidelines” to take action, and started checking, which is a re-examination of the basic daily business operations.

However, one company alone cannot change the current society and global environment. Therefore, we also conducted a questionnaire to our suppliers regarding the SDGs performance guidelines. There is still little we can do, but it is essential to set goals together and move toward realization.

There are 151 check items in the questionnaire, and each is a list of evaluations and comments on a scale of A to E. CFCL created it as a guideline for companies to check the practice of SDGs. We have not covered all of the 17 goals and 169 targets set by the SDGs, but we hope to further strengthen our future efforts by conducting a voluntary evaluation with the CFCL.

The main goals and objectives of conducting this survey are as follows.

■ Goal:

1. Create a path to concrete measures and realization of carbon neutrality
2. Create a path to realize a recycling-oriented economy with concrete reduction measures for various types of waste and zero emissions

By updating the list contents for the above and improving the figures in the future, we aim to take responsibility for the entire value chain.

■ Purpose:

To “understand the current situation” of SDGs-related items centered on environmental load by having related companies evaluate independently. We will not disclose the contents of the answer or the company name.

■ Question composition:

It is created by comprehensively considering ISO, Eco Action 21 issued by the Ministry of the Environment, case studies of overseas environmentally advanced companies, and assessments necessary for practicing SDGs.

CFCL believes that facing the SDGs is the proper credit value of a company. We aim to be a company that can grow together with society, centered on building relationships of trust with stakeholders while ensuring transparency by disclosing the content of our efforts to everyone.